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    Nicholas Fainlight is the Premium and Membership Sales Intern with the Charlotte Hornets and is obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration at Queens University of Charlotte.

    Nicholas Fainlight is a student at Queens College, where he is studying finance and business. He has been fascinated with finance from an early age due to his upbringing outside of New York City with family members involved in the industry. Nicholas still reads the Wall Street Journal nearly every morning. He also enjoys exploring a diverse portfolio of other news sources to stay up-to-date and informed. Since taking his first Economics class in high school, Nick has had a passion for the subject and knew he wanted to pursue a career in that field. One of the most important things about making an impact, he has found, is being able to operate beyond the simple quantitative analysis portion of the topic. Nicholas Fainlight believes it is important to be able to speak up in conversation and remain eager to learn through experience.


    Nicholas previously interned with the Charlotte Hornets national basketball team, which combined his interests of both sports and finance. He worked as the Premium and Membership Sales Intern, where he built a repertoire of sales skills, while putting his financial smarts to use and helping the team form key partnerships and a steady support base. Nick recently graduated from Queens College with a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), and is eager to put his experience and knowledge to good use with a career in the finance industry.


    Currently, Nicholas Fainlight is pursuing a Master of Arts at the University of Chester. His focus is on entrepreneurial management. Nicholas is also working at Pomerol Partners as a junior consultant.


    Nicholas Fainlight is interested in many areas of finance, but in particular he is fascinated with financial technology (fintech) such as personal finance apps, and anything involving an element of uncertainty. Some of his favorite finance topics are futures trading, the alternative energy market, and the valuation of sports teams and corporations.

    What excites Nicholas the most about futures trading is its unpredictable nature; this area of the stock market involves making predictions on future market trends based on past trends and whether or not a commodity’s value will change, so there’s a huge element of uncertainty to it. Another area of the stock market that interests him is the sustainable energy market because of the potential risks and rewards associated with alternative forms of energy. Nicholas is also fascinated with how sports teams are assigned value by economists and how volatile that value can be.


    In addition to finance, Nicholas Fainlight is also an avid sports fan. He was a competitive swimmer in high school and has competed in many other sports throughout his life as well, including football, rugby, basketball, baseball, and water polo.


    Swimming has become Nick's favorite sport and is, along with finance, one of his greatest passions. He started out playing baseball, then tried out football in middle school and high school, and eventually got involved with swimming as a freshman when he realized he wanted a change and his coach suggested he check out water polo. As he got to know the other students involved with water polo, he realized many of them were on the swim team, so he decided to join, which ended up being one of the best decisions of his life. He formed incredible bonds with his teammates, who became like family members. In addition to loving the support he received from his team, Nicholas Fainlight also loves the beauty of the sport- how smooth and fluid it is, and how precise one’s movements must be to master their technique.


    The best thing about sports, for Nick, is being part of a team and all of the lessons and expectations that go along with that. He is so grateful that sports, particularly swimming, taught him discipline and hard work, shaping him into the person he is today. Sports really brought him out of his shell and gave him a confidence he had never possessed. Nicholas Fainlight is a big fan of Michael Phelps and the Chelsea FC team.

  • Experience

    Nicholas Fainlight's Work History

    pomerol partners nicholas fainlight

    Junior Consultant, Pomerol Partners

    August 2018 - present

    Nicholas Fainlight currently works for Pomerol Partners, which is a data driven business consultancy, who are experts in the delivery and implementation of agile data provisioning, data lineage, and analysis solutions. They currently work with Telecommunications operators, tier 1 Banks, Utilities, and manufacturers for the provisioning, audit, blending and analysis of data. They deliver turn-key solutions to customer business analytic problems, focusing on fixing the data and delivering the BI layer.

    carrier corporation logo

    Pricing Analyst, Carrier Corporation

    February 2018 -June 2018

    At Carrier Corporation, Nicholas Fainlight analyzed and evaluated domestic and international sales opportunities using SAP and Microsoft Excel. While working here, Nick also recommended and authorized pricing based on project details, market conditions and established pricing guidelines.

    JB Fitzgerald logo

    Business Development Associate, JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital

    May 2017 - February 2018

    JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital strives to shatter the norm by building disruptive, market-transforming enterprises globally across a myriad of industries. At JB Fitzgerald, Nicholas Fainlight works to find, explore, and validate new investment opportunities, handles daily operations of existing investment companies, and expands our network of funding.

    Charlotte Hornets logo

    Premium and Membership Sales Intern, Charlotte Hornets

    January 2017 - May 2017

    The Charlotte Hornets are a Charlotte, North Carolina based national basketball team. As the Premium and Membership Sales Intern, Nicholas Fainlight utilized his finance and business skills to generate revenue for the company and formed key partnerships with patrons and investors.

    LPD New York City

    Operations Manager, LPD New York

    March 2014 - July 2015

    LPD New York, short for Life in Perfect Disorder, is a New York City-based retailer selling quality clothing for men and women. As the Operations Manager, Nicholas Fainlight was responsible for shipping wholesale and internet retail worldwide, and managing stock taking and reorder levels.

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    Queens University of Charlotte


    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Finance

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    The Loomis Chaffee School


  • "You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get."


    Michael Phelps

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